Cosplay – Why?

It’s a question I’ve never recieved: “Why do you cosplay?”

That’s not to say I haven’t seen it in people’s eyes, because I have. Perhaps most notably in the eyes of Movie Theater Guy, who asked me, like a elderly man on Halloween, “what are you supposed to be?” (I, like a kid on Halloween, proudly responded “Kylo Ren.”)

I’m as introspective as I am defensive, which prompts a bit of an inner war of questioning everything I do, then getting defensive about it. To myself.

Cosplay isn’t really standard in the circles I run in, and I certainly didn’t pick up from my friends. So one more time for the people in the back:

Why cosplay?

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I, as a Writer, Dare

// This post deserves a little introduction: I, after all, am not the author. Many of you know Greta, over from When Almonds Blossom, but if you don’t, you really should. She posts poetry, book reviews, life tips, life experiences, and beautiful pictures, all on an aesthetically pleasing layout. Greta wrote this post in response to a prompt that I also wrote for: a writer’s greatest traits. You can check out my post about patience over on her blog!

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An Ill-Timed Dare [Wrap Up/Goals]

In yet another effort to reignite life into my wrap up posts, only half of this one will be an actual wrap up. I want to try something new and exciting every month, and the details of February’s self-imposed challenge will be discussed below. But first, January, the month of new beginnings and ice storms followed by great thaws followed by another foot of snow.

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Last Minute Gifts When You’re Also Broke

Tis the season to be scrambling for last minute gifts, especially when you SURPRISE get presents from friends to whom you had no idea you were close enough.

Am I in this position? Is it the 23rd? Yes. Yes, it is.

But we all know what happens next – it’s Christmas season, so whatever pennies you had have already been spent.

I find myself in this problem often enough (including right now), and have spent a bit of time brainstorming:Read More »